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Irving Municipal Court hears Class C Misdemeanor criminal cases, including traffic violations, for which the maximum fine, upon conviction, does not exceed $500, and for which no jail sentence may be assessed. It also hears cases involving violations of city ordinances, which may have fines up to $2,000 for certain offenses.

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Accessories Loose On Frame
Acting As Massage Therapist Without A License
Activating Alarm For Wrong Purpose
Administering Massage To Person Of Opp. Sex
Adult Cabaret Customer Touching An Employee
Adult Cabaret Employee Touching A Customer
Aiding Minor To Possess Fireworks Within City
Air Pollution
Alcohol Use W/I Four Hours Of Operating Vehicle
Alcohol Violation: On Property Owned/Leased By City
Alcohol Violation: On Public Street
Alcohol Violation: Possess Open Container In D. C. A.
Alcohol Violation: Within 18 Feet Of Public Street
Allow Minor To Create Graffiti W/O Owner’s Consent
Allow Passenger On Motorcycle W/O Helmet
Allow Passenger Under 18 On Motorcycle W/O Helmet
Allowing Vegetation To Grow In Alley
Allows Rooster To Violate Noise Restriction
Altered Certificate Of Number On Boat
Ambulance Violation
Ambulance: No Attendant Driver Permit
Ambulance: No Permit On Vehicle
Anchored Boat Blocking Channel
Anchored Boat Impeding Ramp
Animal Control Offense (Miscellaneous)
Animal Control Offense (Odor From Waste)
Annual Inspection Out Of Date
Anti-Noise Ordinance: Burning Off
Anti-Noise Ordinance: Loud Muffler
Assault (Contact)
Assault (Threats)
Assault Contact (Family Violence)
Assault Threats (Family Violence)
Assault-Threats (Family Violence)
Attempt To Purchase Alcoholic Beverage By Minor: 1st Offense
Attempt To Purchase Alcoholic Beverage By Minor: 2nd Offense
Attempted Criminal Trespass (Against Sign)
Attempted Criminal Trespass (W/O Consent)
Attempted Obstruction Of Public Sidewalk
Attempted Obstruction Of Street Or Passageway
Attempted Prostitution
Attempted Theft
Attempted Theft Of Services
Attempting To Elude A Police Officer
Axle Alignment
Axle Load Excess 16,000 Lbs On High Pressure Tires
Axle Load Excess 20,000 Lbs On Low Pressure Tires
Blank Form Commercial Vehicle Safety Violation
Boating Without Lights
Brakes – General
Brakes Not In Good Working Order
Brakes Out Of Adjustment
Building Inspection
Bus Violation
Bus: Advertising Service Without Permit
Bus: Advertising Without A Permit
Bus: Driving Without Special Service Permit
Bus: No Special Service Permit
Bus: Operating Service Without Permit
Cab And Body Violations
Cab Securement
Cargo Blocking And Bracing
Cargo Not Secured – General
Carrying A Child Under 12 Years In Truck Bed
Carrying A Child Under 18 In Truck Bed
Carrying Passenger On One-Person Bicycle
Chapter 17, (Smooth, Cleanable Surface)
Chapter 17, Food Preparation (Accum)
Chapter 17, Food Preparation (Commit)
Chapter 27, Urban Rehab
Chapter 49, Dallas City Code (Water)
Charge Parking Fee Higher Than Posted Amount
Charge Too High A Parking Fee During State Fair
Child Restraint Law (Under 2) (Pre 09-01-01)
Child Restraint Law (2 – 3 Years) (Pre 09-01-01)
Child Safety Seat Violation (Ages 0 – 3)
Child Seat Belt Violation (Ages 4 – 16)
Child Unattended In Vehicle
Child Under 13 With No Life Preserver On Boat
Circular Course In Motorboat Around Fisherman
Circular Course In Motorboat Around Swimmers
Clinging To Motor Vehicle
Combustible Waste On Noncommercial Property
Compulsory School Attendance Law: 1st Offense
Compulsory School Attendance Law: 2nd Offense
Compulsory School Attendance Law: 3rd Offense
Construction Waste
Construction Waste: Permit
Consumer Affairs/General
Consuming Alcoholic Bev. While Operating Motor
Consumption Of Alcohol By Minor 1st Offense
Consumption Of Alcohol By Minor 2nd Offense
Consumption Of Alcohol By Minor 3rd Offense
Contacting Crime Victim
Contacting Motor Vehicle Accident Victim
Contest Of Speed
Creating Hazardous Wake In A Motorboat
Criminal Mischief (Damage To Property)
Criminal Mischief (Tamper With Property)
Cruising In A Motor Vehicle
Customer Not Provided With Schedule Of Charges
Cut Down Tree
Cutting Between Vehicles In Funeral Procession
Cutting Corner (Left Turn Into Business District)
Cutting Corner (Left Turn Into Driveway)
Cutting Corner (Left Turn Into Parking Lot)
Cutting Corner (Left Turn Onto Sidewalk)
Cutting Corner (Right Turn Into Bus. Entrance)
Cutting Corner (Right Turn Into Driveway)
Cutting Corner (Right Turn Into Parking Lot)
Cutting Corner (Right Turn Onto Sidewalk)
Cutting Corner (Turn Left From Left Of Center)
Dallas Development Code Violation
Damage To Public Buoy
Damaging Property Of Dallas Water Utilities
Deface Number On Bow Of Boat
Defective Air Brake Reservoir
Defective Brake Drum
Defective Brake Lights
Defective Brake Lining
Defective Brakes (Articulated Unit)
Defective Brakes (Single Unit Less Than 10,000 Lb)
Defective Breakaway Device On Tractor-Not Protected
Defective Equipment
Defective Flooring
Defective Muffler (Excessive Noise)
Defective Muffler (Fumes And Smoke)
Defective Stoplights/Trailer
Defective Taillights
Defective Taillights/Trailer
Detached Sign – 51a – 7.304(C) A
Detached Sign – 51a – 7.304(D) A
Detached Sign – 51a – 7.304(E)
Detached Sign – 51a – 7.304(E) A
Detached Sign – 51a – 7.304(E) B
Detached Sign – 51a – 7.304(E) C
Detached Sign – 51a – 7.304(F)
Detached Sign – 51a – 7.304(G)
Detached Sign – 51a – 7.403(A)(2)
Detached Sign – 51a – 7.403(A)(3)
Detached Sign – 51a – 7.403(A)(3) A
Detached Sign – 51a – 7.403(A)(3)(D)
Detached Sign – 51a – 7.403(A)(4)
Detached Sign – 51a – 7.304(C)
Detached Sign – 51a – 7.304(C) B
Detached Sign – 51a – 7.304(F) A
Detached Sign – 51a – 7.304(D)
Detached Signs
Deviation From Designated Truck Route
Dialing 911 When No Emergency Existed
Discharge Prohib. Substance (Against City’s Npdes)
Discharge Prohib. Substance Into Storm Water Drain
Discharging Firearm In Private Place
Discrimination/Place Of Public Accommodation
Disorderly Conduct (Abuses Or Threatens Another)
Disorderly Conduct (Fighting)
Disorderly Conduct (Knowingly Expose Anus)
Disorderly Conduct (Knowingly Expose Genitals)
Disorderly Conduct (Looking In A Window)
Disorderly Conduct (Noise/Private Residence)
Disorderly Conduct (Noise/Public Place)
Disorderly Conduct (Noxious Chemical Odor)
Disorderly Conduct (Offensive Display)
Disorderly Conduct (Offensive Language)
Display Of Unauthorized Number On Boat
Disregard Officer’s Hand Signal (Pedestrian)
Disregard Officer’s Hand Signal (Vehicle)
Disregard Officer’s Verbal Command (Pedestrian
Disregard Officer’s Verbal Command (Vehicle)
Disregard Officer’s Whistle (Vehicle)
Disregard Officer’s Whistle (Pedestrian)
Disregard Stop Sign
Disregard Traffic Control Device – General
Disregard Traffic Control Device – Love Field
Disregard Traffic Control Device: Sign
Disregard: “Left Lane Must Exit” (Freeway)
Disregard: “Left Lane Must Turn Left”
Disregard: “Right Lane Must Exit At Yale Blvd”
Disregard: “Right Lane Must Exit” (Freeway)
Disregard: “Right Lane Must Turn Right”
Disregarding Pedestrian Control Signal
Disrupting School Classes
Disruption Of Transportation
Diverting Water Unlawfully
Dog At Large (Subsequent Offense)
Dog At Large (1st Offense)
Dog In Park (Unrestrained By Leash)
Doing Electrical Work As Unregistered Electric
Drag Racing
Drive Around/Through Railroad Crossing Gate
Driver Operating Vehicle Declared Out Of Service
Driver Possesses Or Using Drugs
Driver Under 21 Interstate
Driver’s License Restriction: Chauffeur
Driver’s License Restriction: Commercial Vehicle
Driver’s License Restriction: Motor Vehicle
Driving After Being On Duty 15 Hours
Driving After On Duty 60 Hrs/7 Days, 70 Hrs/8 Days
Driving In Park On Unapproved Surface
Driving Motor Vehicle Without Driver’s License
Driving Motor-Assisted Bicycle Without License
Driving Motorcycle Without Driver’s License
Driving Motorcycle Without Lighted Headlight
Driving Motorcycle Without Lighted Taillight
Driving Motorcycle Without Protective Headgear
Driving On Parkway
Driving On Sidewalk
Driving On Wrong Side Of Divided Street
Driving Over Fire Hose
Driving Over 10 Hours Interstate
Driving Over 72 Hours Intrastate
Driving Taxicab Without Fire Extinguisher
Driving Under Influence Of Drugs
Driving Vehicle On Metal Tire Or Rim
Driving Vehicle On Wrong Side Of Street
Driving Vehicle Too Low To Ground
Driving Vehicle Upon Levee
Driving Vehicle Without Two Headlights On
Driving While Disqualified
Driving Without Chauffeur’s License
Driving Without Class B Drivers License
Driving Wrong Way On Kiest Park Circle Drive
Driving Wrong Way On One-Way Street
Dumping Of Waste Into Storm Drain
Emergency Equipment Reporting Violation
Employing Unregistered Massage Therapist
Endangering Park Patrons By Activity
Engine/Fuel Compartment Of Vessel Not Vented
Entering Freeway From Undesignated Entrance
Entering Portion Of Building Without Consent
Environmental Control (1000.00) Not Being Used
Environmental Control (500.00) Not Being Used
Environmental Control Viol. (2000.00) (Don’t Use)
Exhaust Leaking Or Defective
Exhaust System Location
Exhaust System Patched Or Wrapped
Exhaust System Violation – Bus
Exhibition Of Acceleration
Exiting Freeway From Area Without Exit Ramp
Fail Change Address On Boat Cert. Of Number
Fail Maintain Exit Door Openable From Inside
Fail Provide Estimate Of Total Repair Charges
Fail To Display Markings On Commercial Vehicle
Fail To Make Vehicle Available W/I 3 Working Days
Fail To Pay License Fee/Public Right Of Way Form
Fail To Post Warning Notice For Tobacco (Obsolete)
Fail To Provide Refrigerated Air
Fail To Remove Injurious Material From Street
Fail To Transfer Certificate Of Number Of Boat
Failure Of Limo Driver To Furnish Trip Manifest
Failure Of Property Owner To Remove Graffiti
Failure Parent/Guard. To Attend Municipal Court Hearing
Failure To Appear (1)
Failure To Appear (2)
Failure To Appear (Juvenile Now Adult)
Failure To Appear Escheat
Failure To Appear In Court
Failure To Appear, Sec. 38.11, Penal Code
Failure To Attend Alarm System Performance Review
Failure To Attend School (Truancy)
Failure To Change Address On Driver’s License
Failure To Change Name On Driver’s License
Failure To Comply With Terms Of An Npdes Permit
Failure To Connect Heating And Cooling Devices
Failure To Connect Plumbing And Heating Equipment
Failure To Connect Receptacles To Water Source
Failure To Cover Trash Receptacle
Failure To Cover Well, Cesspool, Or Cistern
Failure To Dim Headlights (From Front)
Failure To Dim Headlights (From Rear)
Failure To Disinfect Water Of Semi-Public Pool
Failure To Dismantle Refrigerator Door
Failure To Display Coin-Operated Machine License
Failure To Display Taxi Decal
Failure To Display Taxi Decal (Obsolete)
Failure To Dispose Of Combustible Waste
Failure To Display Massage Therapy Registration
Failure To Eliminate Hazardous Condition
Failure To Eliminate Rodents And Vermin
Failure To Fasten Seat Belts
Failure To Fill Hollow Masonry Piers
Failure To Have An Apartment Complex License
Failure To Have Cat Vaccinated For Rabies
Failure To Have Dog Vaccinated For Rabies
Failure To Have Proper Safety Guards/Mud Flaps
Failure To Have Valid Sign Permit
Failure To Identify As A Witness (False Id)
Failure To Identify As A Witness (Refuse Id)
Failure To Identify Witness To Criminal Offense
Failure To Keep Duty Status Current
Failure To Keep Floors, Walls In Sound Condition
Failure To Keep Food Preparation Equipment Cle
Failure To Keep Food Products Establishment Cl
Failure To Keep Garbage Container Closed Tight
Failure To Keep Garbage In Durable Containers
Failure To Keep Pool Water In Alkaline Condition.
Failure To Keep Premises Securely Closed
Failure To Keep Structure Free Of Insects, Rat
Failure To Keep Structure Weather-Tight
Failure To Keep Vacant Structure Free Of Litter
Failure To Maintain Brakes
Failure To Maintain Clarity Of Water In Pool
Failure To Maintain Device To Supply Hot Water
Failure To Maintain Electrical Service Lines
Failure To Maintain Exits Free Of Obstruction
Failure To Maintain Financial Responsibility
Failure To Maintain Food At Proper Temperature
Failure To Maintain Moisture-Resistant Finish
Failure To Maintain Premises Free Of Litter
Failure To Maintain Sewer Connections
Failure To Maintain Single Lane
Failure To Maintain Single Lane (Block Specified)
Failure To Maintain Sufficient Elect. Circuits
Failure To Maintain Toilet Connections
Failure To Maintain Water Connections
Failure To Obtain Certificate Of Occupancy
Failure To Obtain Plumbing Permit
Failure To Pay Re-Inspection Fee
Failure To Pay Toll
Failure To Perform Duty/Home Repair Contract
Failure To Place Loose Items In Container
Failure To Post Warning Notice For Tobacco
Failure To Present Driver’s License
Failure To Properly Display Number On Boat
Failure To Protect Exterior Surface Of Structure
Failure To Protect Food Item From Contamination
Failure To Protect Opening From Rodents
Failure To Provide And Maintain Railings
Failure To Provide Container Rack
Failure To Provide Cross-Ventilation
Failure To Provide Detailed Invoice Of Work Performed
Failure To Provide Estimate Of Repairs
Failure To Provide Heating Equipment
Failure To Provide Insect Screens
Failure To Provide Proof Of Alcohol Sales Revenue
Failure To Provide Proper Drainage On Property
Failure To Provide Solid Waste Containers
Failure To Provide Suff. No. Of Waste Container
Failure To Provide Towing Receipt
Failure To Register Insurance-Commercial Vehicle
Failure To Remove Illegally Dumped Materials
Failure To Remove Injurious Material On Street
Failure To Remove Injurious Matter From Prop.
Failure To Remove Scrap Building Materials
Failure To Remove Weeds And Grass
Failure To Repair Hazardous Holes And Cracks
Failure To Repair Hazardous Structure Defects
Failure To Repair Or Remove Burned Structure
Failure To Repair Or Replace Chimney Flue
Failure To Respond In Reasonable Time To Alarm
Failure To Retain Previous 7 Day Duty Status
Failure To Return Parts As Requested
Failure To Return Replaced Parts
Failure To Screen Garbage Storage Area
Failure To Secure Unoccupied Structure
Failure To Stop Before Entering Street From Al
Failure To Stop Before Entering Street From Bl
Failure To Stop For School Bus
Failure To Stop- Entering Street From Private
Failure To Surrender Driver’s License
Failure To Total Hours On Each Day
Failure To Wear Seatbelt
Failure To Yield Right Of Way (Left Turn)
Failure To Yield Right-Of Way To Emergency Vehicle
Failure To Yield Right-Of-Way (Mid-Block)
Failure To Yield Right-Of-Way (No Sign Posted)
Failure To Yield Right-Of-Way (Sign Posted)
Failure To Yield Right-Of-Way (Stop Signs)
Failure To Yield Right-Of-Way To Motor Vehicle
Failure To Yield Right-Of-Way To Pedestrian
False Log
False Representation As Registered Electrician
Fictitious Inspection Certificate On Motor Vehicle
Fictitious Inspection Certificate On Trailer
Firing Shot Out Of Air Gun Or Bb-Gun
Fishing In A No Fishing Area (32.75)
Fishing In A Restricted Area (32.75)
Fishing Without A Valid Fishing License
Fl Disp “No Liquor Consumption On Premises” Sign
Fl Disp “No Weapons On Premises” Sign
Flid: Fixed Object Adjacent To Public Street
Flid: Fixed Object On Public Street
Flid: Fixed Object, Private Property
Flid: Priv Property, Unattended Parked Vehicle
Flid: Private Property, Attended Parked Vehicle
Flid: Private Property, Moving Vehicle
Flid: Public Street, Attended Parked Vehicle
Flid: Public Street, Bicycle
Flid: Public Street, Moving Vehicle
Flid: Public Street, Unattended Parked Vehicle
Following Another Vehicle Too Closely
Frame Cracked
Furnish Alcoholic Beverage To Minor: 1st Offense
Furnish Alcoholic Beverage To Minor: 2nd Offense
Gambling (Do Not Use)
Gambling – Bingo (Bet On Outcome)
Gambling With Dice (Assist Another)
Gambling With Dice (Play And Bet For Money)
Giving False Age By Minor To Purchase Tobacco
Glass Tinting On 1988 And Newer Vehicles
Glue/Paint Sniffing Ordinance
Hauling Waste Without Waste Hauler’s Permit
Having A Sofa In A Non-Reception Room
Health Department – Air Pollution
Health Department – Temperature Violation
Health Violation
Hearing Aid To Be Worn
Helmet Law: Operate Motorcycle W/O Helmet (Under 18)
Helmet Law: Ride On Motorcycle W/O Helmet (Under 18)
Helmet Ord: Dealer Fails To Make Physical Observation.
Helmet Ord: Dealer Not Provide Helmet
Helmet Ord: Parent/Guardian Allow Minor To Ride
Helmet Ord: Ride Bicycle Without Helmet
Helmet Ord: Sell Bicycles Without Helmet Sign
Helmet Ord: Transport Of Another Not Wearing Helm.
High Weeds (Permitting Weeds Over 12 Inches)
Hitchhiking (Solicit Ride From Operator)
Hitchhiking (Standing In Roadway)
Id Lamps, License Plate Lamp, Reflectors
Illegal Dumping (Under 5 Pounds Or Gallons)
Illegal Dumping Of Dry Solid Waste Materials
Illegal Fence
Illegal Park. Of Oversized Vehicle (Against Zone)
Illegal Parking Of Oversized Vehicle
Illegal Sign
Illegal Trash Collection: Commercial/Institutional
Illegal Trash Collection: Residential/Duplex
Illuminated Sign – 51a – 7.303(B)(1)+(2)
Illuminated Sign – 51a – 7.303(B)(2)
Illuminated Sign – 51a – 7.303(B)(2) A
Imp. Transport Of Hazardous Materials (Zoned Area)
Impeding Traffic
Impeding Traffic By Stopping In Traffic Lane
Improper Auxiliary Lights
Improper Backing Of Vehicle Into An Intersection
Improper Backing Of Vehicle On A Public Street
Improper Cleansing Of Food Contact Surfaces
Improper Description Of Job And/Or Materials
Improper Exit From Freeway (At Ramp)
Improper Exit From Freeway (At Ramp)
Improper Lane Change (No Signal)
Improper Left Turn (Onto Private Prop – Sign Post
Improper Left Turn (Onto Private Property)
Improper Left Turn (Sign Posted At Intersection
Improper Left Turn (Wrong Lane/1-Way St, 2 Lane
Improper Left Turn (Wrong Lane From 1-Way Street
Improper Left Turn (Wrong Lane From 2-Way Street
Improper Left Turn/Cbd (From Driveway, Alley)
Improper Left Turn/Cbd (Into Driveway, Alley)
Improper Open Storage, Sec. 51a-4.214(4)
Improper Passing On Left Shoulder
Improper Passing On The Right Shoulder
Improper Passing On The Shoulder Of Roadway
Improper Passing Within Intersection
Improper Right Turn (Onto Private Property)
Improper Right Turn (Sign Posted At Intersection
Improper Right Turn (Two Lanes May Turn)
Improper Start From A Stop
Improper Storage Of Food
Improper Storage Of Lumber
Improper Storage Of Poisonous Substance
Improper Transportation Of Hazardous Materials
Improper Turn (“Right On Red” Prohibited)
Improper Turn (Failed To Signal)
Improper Turn (Sign Posted)
Improper Turn (Sign Posted: No Turn)
Inadequate Brake Tubing And Hose Connections
Inadequate Brake Tubing And Hoses
Inadequate Vacuum/Air Reservoirs
Indecent Exposure (Buttocks)
Indecent Exposure (Genitals)
Inoperable Headlight
Inoperable Lamps
Inoperable Tail Lights
Inspection Law – Trailer
Installing Electrical Equip. In Violation Of C
Installing Electrical Equipment W/O Valid Perm
Installing Illegal Booby Trap
Insufficiency Of Life Preservers On Vessel
Interfere With Police Service Animals
Interfere With Railroad Property
Jaywalk Crossing Street Against Signal
Jaywalking Across Freeway
Jaywalking Across Freeway (Block Specified)
Jaywalking Across Roadway
Jaywalking Within The Central Business Dist.
Junk Motor Vehicle By Owner Of Vehicle
Junk Motor Vehicle On Public Right Of Way
Junked Motor Vehicle (Person In Control)
Junked Motor Vehicle (Owner)
Killing Birds Within City Limits Of Dallas
Labor Hall Violation
Labor Hall: Operate Without A License
Labor Hall: Too Near School Or Residence
Landscape Violation
Leaf Springs Violation
Leaving Unattended Motor Vehicle
Limo Violation
Limo: Fail To Comply With Terms Of Permit
Limo: Fail To Renew Permit Within 30 Days
Limo: Operating Without Special Permit
Liquor Curfew Law ( 2:15am To 12:00 Noon Sunday)
Liquor Curfew Law (Between 2:15am And 7:00am)
Littering- Improper Vehicle For Carrying Waste
Littering- No Close-Fitting Lid On Container
Littering: Private Property, Driver Of Vehicle
Littering: Private Property, Passenger In Vehicle
Littering: Public Place, Driver Of Vehicle
Littering: Public Place, Passenger In Vehicle
Littering: Public Street, Driver Of Vehicle
Littering: Public Street, Passenger In Vehicle
Live Rooster Confined Within 20 Ft. Of Prop. Line
Load Not Secured
Locking Pin Violation – Adjustable Axles
Loitering On School Grounds
Loose Or Missing Lug Nuts
Loose Wiring Prohibited
Maintain Enclosure For Rooster-Nuisance/Health Hazard
Maintaining Property So As To Create Traffic. Hazard
Making Right Turn From Wrong Lane
Manifes Purpose Of Prostitution (Flag Drivers)
Manifes Purpose Of Sale Or Purchase Of Drugs
Manifesting Purpose Of Prostitution
Minor Curfew Hours: Against Minor
Minor Curfew Hours: Against Owner/Operator
Minor Curfew Hours: Against Parent Or Guardian
Minor Driving Under The Influence Of Alcohol: 1st
Minor Driving Under The Influence Of Alcohol: 2nd
Minor Possession Of Alcoholic Beverage
Minor Possession Of Tobacco Product
Misc/State Law
Miscellaneous Traffic Violation
Misrepresentation Of Age By A Minor
Moor Boat To Public Buoy
Moving A Public Buoy
No Begin/End Date On Home Repair Contract
No Brakes On All Wheels (When Required)
No Certificate Of Number On Board Boat
No Commercial Registration Receipt
No Efficient Bell On Boat
No Electronic Repair License
No Exhaust Water Manifold On Motorboat
No Factory Type Muffler On Motorboat
No Fire Extinguisher
No Flag On Projecting Load
No Flame Arrestor On Vessel
No Food Manager Registration
No Front Brake Line Protection – Bus
No Headboard (Front End Structure)
No Home Repair Contract
No Home Repair License
No Id Markings (Interstate) Name Or Trade Name
No License For Public House Of Amusement
No License Plate Light
No Motor Vehicle Repair Invoice
No Motor Vehicle Repair License
No Name/Address Of Contractor On Contract
No Or Defective Low-Air Warning Device
No Permit Over 34,000 Lbs On Semi-Trailer
No Permit Over 34,000 Lbs On Trailer Tandem Axle
No Permit Over 34,000 Lbs Truck Tractor
No Readily Accessible Fire Extinguisher On Boat
No Readily Accessible Life Preserver On Boat
No Rear End Protection
No Rear-View Mirror
No Rearview Mirror For Waterski Boat
No Record Of Duty Status In Possession
No Revised Vehicle Repair Estimate
No Seat Belt (When Required)
No Smoking Ordinance/Business
No Smoking Ordinance/Individual
No Sound Producing Device On Boat
No Us Dot Number (Interstate)
No Valid Medical Card
No/Defective Automatic Breakaway Device On Trailer
No/Defective Battery Cover
No/Defective Brake Warning Device
No/Defective Breakaway Device On Tractor
No/Defective Clearance Lamps
No/Defective Defrosting Device
No/Defective Heater
No/Defective Horn
No/Defective Parking Brake
No/Defective Rear Vision Mirrors
No/Defective Speedometer
No/Defective Stop Lamp Operation
No/Defective Turn Signals/Hazard Warning Lamps
No/Defective Warning Devices For Stopped Vehicle
Noisy Animal Violation
Non-English Speaking Driver
Not Licensed For Type Of Vehicle/No Endorsement
Obstructed Or Unclean License Plate
Obstructing Intersection With Vehicle
Obstructing Public Right-Of-Way
Obstructing Rr Crossing With Train
Occupying A Red Placarded Structure
On Duty Driver Under Influence Or Use Of Alcohol
Operating Dance Hall Without License
Open Burning Of Rubbish
Open Container Within 600 Feet Of School Boundary
Open Storage Ordinance, City Code
Operate A Motorcycle At Any Time Without Headlamp
Operate A Sex-Oriented Business W/O License
Operate A Sexually Oriented Business
Operate Boat In A Dangerous Manner
Operate Boat In Restricted Area
Operate Ill Equipped Vessel
Operate Motor Vehicle With Expired Dl
Operate Vehicle Within Transit Way Mall Or Corridor
Operating Alarm System Without A Permit
Operating An Alarm While Permit Revoked
Operating Billiard Hall Without A License
Operating Dance Hall Without Proper License
Operating Food Products Establishment W/O Perm
Operating House Of Amusement Without License
Operating Motorboat, Circling Around Swimmer
Operating Semi-Public Pool Without Valid Permit
Operating Taxi Without A License
Operating Unnumbered Motorboat
Operating Valet Parking Services W/O Valid Permit
Operation Of Vehicle Declared Out Of Service
Operator Was Fatigued
Ordinance Violation With Maximum Fine Of 2000.
Out Of Round Stud/Bolt Holes
Overloaded Motorcycle – One-Person Motorcycle
Own Land Where Protected Tree Is Cut Down
Own/Operate/Control Comm. Bldg. W/O Certif.. Of Reg.
Park Cars During State Fair Without Posting Sign
Park Curfew (Park Closed)
Parked Taxi In Non Cab Stand Area (28-100)
Parking Appeal
Parking In Space Reserved For The Disabled
Parking On Unapproved Surface: Owner Or P.I.C.
Parking Vehicle In Fire Lane
Parking Vehicle On Unapproved Surface
Parking Vehicles At State Fair Without License
Pass Authorized Emergency. Vehicle – Property Damage
Passing Authorized Emergency Vehicle
Pedestrian In The Roadway
Pedestrian Walking On Wrong Side Of Road
Performing Construction Work Without A Permit
Performing Work Without Permit From Bldg. Off.
Permitting Accumulation Of Rubbish On Premises
Permitting Collection Of Standing Water
Permitting Unlicensed Person To Drive Vehicle
Person Under 18 In A State Of Nudity
Picketing In Residential Area
Picking Up Hitchhiker
Place/Maintain Structure W/In Dart Safety Quadrant
Placement Of Brush More Than 1 Week Before Col
Placing Bulky Item In Alley For Collection
Placing Bulky Items Out Too Soon For Mo. Pickup
Possess Drug Paraphernalia (Cont. Substances Act)
Possess Drug Paraphernalia (Health & Safety Code)
Possess Live Rooster In City-Fail To Confine
Possess/Consume Alcoholic Beverage On School Grounds
Possesses Or Harbors Live Rooster
Possessing A Fake Id
Possessing Alcohol In Downtown Park
Possessing Alcohol In Municipal Produce Market
Possessing Fireworks Within The City Limits
Possession Of Alcohol On Duty In Operating Vehicle
Possession Of Alcoholic Beverage In Motor Vehicle
Possession Of Altered Driver’s License
Possession Of Prohibited Animal In City
Possession Of Shopping Cart
Post Trip Inspection
Presenting Driver’s License Of Another Person
Prohibited Glass Coating
Prohibited Glass Coating (Non-Transparent)
Prohibited One-Way Glass
Prohibited Possession Of Alcohol In City Park
Public Intoxication
Public Intoxication (Obsolete)
Public Shooting Range Ordinance
Public Utility/General
Purchase Of Alcoholic Bev. By Minor: 1st Offense
Purchase Of Alcoholic Bev. By Minor: 2nd Offense
Ran A Stop Sign At A Crosswalk
Ran A Stop Sign At A Marked Stop Line
Ran A Stop Sign With No Stop Line Or Crosswalk
Ran Flashing Red Light
Ran Red Light (After Coming To A Stop)
Ran Red Light (Went Straight On Green Arrow)
Ran Red Light At Crosswalk
Ran Red Light At Freeway Entrance Ramp
Ran Red Light At Marked Stop Line
Ran Red Light At Pedestrian Crossing
Ran Red Light At Pedestrian X-Ing After Stopping
Ran Red Light On Bicycle
Ran Stop Sign On Bicycle
Reckless Damage
Registration Tag Violation
Religious Solicitation Without An Id Badge
Representation As Massage Therapist: No License
Riding Bicycle At Night Without Headlight
Riding Motorcycle Without Protective Headgear
Roller Skating On Roadway
Seat Belt Law (Child 4 – 14) (Pre 09-01-01)
Sec 18-6(A), (Solid Waste- Cbd)
Secondary Metals Recyclers Records Violation
Sell Goods/Services Within Dart Safety Quadrant
Selling On Public Property
Selling Tobacco Product To Person Under 18
Selling Tobacco To Person Under 27
Selling, Etc. Academic Product
Sex-Oriented Business Within 1000 Ft Of Residence
Sign Law Sec 51a7.403(A)(3), Dallas City Code
Sign Law, Sec 51a-7.206 Dallas City Code
Sign Violation
Sign, Right-Of-Way
Single Valve To Operate All Brakes
Sleeper Berth Violation
Sleeping In A Public Place (Public Access)
Sleeping In A Public Place (Vacant Lot)
Slow Moving Vehicle (Fail To Keep Right)
Slow Traffic Fail To Drive In Right Lane
Smoking In Food Preparation Area
Solicit Drink (Permit Employee)
Solicit Drink For Employee (Self)
Solicit Drink For Other Employee
Solicitation By Coercion
Solicitation Near A Designated Location
Solicitation Of Occupants Of Vehicles
Solicitation Of Prohibited Substance
Solicitation Of Sodomy, Not For Hire
Solid Waste (Residence)
Solid Waste Truck Over 21,000 Lbs On Single Axle
Solid Waste Truck Over 44,000 Lbs Tandem Axle
Solid Waste Truck Over 64,000 Lbs Gross Load Weight
Spectator At A Dog Fight
Speeding In A School Zone
Speeding In A Construction Zone
Spillage – Load Above Sides Of Vehicle
Spillage – Load Blowing From Vehicle
Spillage – Load Not Enclosed
Spillage – Load Spilling From Vehicle
Spillage – Load Within 6″ Of Top Sides
State Of Nudity Viewed From Public Right Of Way
State Registration Law (Regular)
State Registration Law (Wrong Plates)
State Registration Law-Commercial (Regular)
State Registration Law-Commercial (Wrong Plate
State Registration Law-Motorcycle (Regular)
State Registration Law-Motorcycle (Wrong Plate
State Registration Law-Trailer
Stock At Large (Allowing Animal To Stray)
Suspension System Violation
Swimming In Prohibited Area
Take, Lock, Hide Signs
Tampering With Equipment Of Water Utilities
Tampering With Public Buoy
Taxi: Altered Decal
Taxi: Display Of More Than One Dallas Decal
Taxi: Display Receptacle Violation
Taxi: Driving While License Revoked
Taxi: Driving While License Suspended
Taxi: Fail Comply With Lawful Orders Of Direct
Taxi: Fail To Display License
Taxi: Fail To Display Not For Hire When Off-Duty
Taxi: Fail To Maintain Required Equipment
Taxi: Fail To Maintain Trip Sheets
Taxi: Fail To Wear Item Specified By Holder
Taxi: False Representation As Taxicab
Taxi: Improper Parking
Taxi: Interfere With Stand Progression
Taxi: Leaving Vicinity Of Cab Stand
Taxi: Monitor Frequency Of Another Company
Taxi: No Current Decal
Taxi: No Current Decal/Lead Seal On Taxi Meter
Taxi: No Operating Authority
Taxi: On-Duty Transport Of Non-Paying Passenger
Taxi: Operating Taxi W/O Valid License
Taxi: Possess Improper Radio
Taxi: Respond To Call Of Another Company
Taxi: Unauthorized Decal
Taxi: Using Stand When Not For Hire
Taxi: Violation Of Company Dress Standards
Taxicab Display Receptacle Violation
Taxicab Violation
Theft (Appropriated Property)
Theft (Possess Stolen Property)
Theft Of Services
Tire Tread Depth Less Than 2/32 Non-Front Tire
Tire Tread Depth Less Than 4/32 Front Tire
Too Many Passengers In Front Seat Of Vehicle
Tow-Truck: Authorization For Removal
Tow-Truck: Signs Posted
Towing Service Violation
Trailer Frame Cracked
Transporting Liquid Waste Without Permit
Tree Preservation Violation – Development Code
Trespassing In Restricted Area Of Airport
Trespassing On School Grounds
Turning On Water Without Permit
Tv Receiver Within View Of Driver
Tv Viewer In View Of Driver
U-Turn Prohibited (Sign Posted In Mid-Block)
U-Turn Prohibited (Business District)
U-Turn Prohibited (Sign Posted At Intersection
Unauthorized Collection Of Solid Waste
Unauthorized Emergency Lights
Unauthorized Passenger
Unlawful Display Of Red Lights On Vehicle
Urinating/Defecating In Public
Use Or Possession Of Radar Detector
Vehicle. 5000 Lbs. In Excess Of Allowable Gross Weight
Vehicle Overweight Of 80,000 Lbs
Vehicle Sign
Vending Food Products- Improper Location
Vending In Public Roadway
Vending In The Wrong Site
Vending On Private Property
Viol Alcoholic Beverage Code Sec. 101.72
Viol. Of Dl Restriction (Under 18 At Night)
Viol. Of Sign Ordinance, Chapter 51a City Code
Violation Of Chapter 39b, (Pawnshop)
Violation Of City Anti-Noise Ordinance
Violation Of Motor Vehicle Inspection Law
Violation Of Park Rule
Violation Of Pawnshop Hours Of Operation
Violation Of Sign Ordinance
Violation Of Sign Ordinance, Chapter 51a City
Violation Of Traffic Control Ordinance
Violation Of Uniform Fire Code
Violation Tow Truck Registration Law
Water Conservation: Equipment Maintenance
Water Conservation: Misdirection Of Water
Water Conservation: Time Of Day
Water Conservation: Water During Precipitation
Water Pollution
Water Pollution (Significant Noncomplier)
Water Pollution (Significant Noncomplier) 49b
Water Pollution (Significant Noncomplier) 49b
Water Pollution: Ph Violation
Water Pollution: Sec. 49-42 (A)(11)
Water Safety Act Violation
Weight In Excess Of Legal Maximum
Weight In Excess Of Legal Maximum Truck Tractor
Wheel Carrying Load Excess Of 10,000 Lbs L.P. Tire
Wheel Carrying Load Excess Of 8,000 Lbs H.P. Tires
Wheel Or Rims Cracked
Willful Collision
Willfully Failing To Obey School Crossing Guard
Windshield Wiper Violation
Wrong Color Of License Plate Light
Zoning Violation 1
Zoning Violation 2
Zoning: Sell/Serve Alcohol In D/D-1 District